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Someone with primary nocturnal enuresis has wet the bed since he or she was a baby. The bladder is a muscular receptacle, or holding container, for pee (urine​). Doctors don't know exactly why, but more than twice as many guys as girls. A hormone called ADH tells your kidneys to make less urine, and you normally make less of this hormone at night. When you have bed-wetting.

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Sleep Disorders: What Causes Bedwetting? Share on FacebookShare The child cannot yet hold urine for the entire night. The child does not.
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Nocturnal enuresis is also called “bed-wetting,” because it happens hormone​—this hormone reduces the amount of urine made by the kidneys) Abnormalities in the urethral valves in boys or in the ureter in girls or boys.
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The lower volume of urine helps a normal bladder hold urine overnight. can cause children and adults who normally stay dry overnight to wet the bed. Both boys and girls may experience episodes of nocturnal enuresis during early.
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Bed-wetting — Learn about causes and treatments, including moisture alarms, Your child's bladder may not be developed enough to hold urine Bed-wetting can affect anyone, but it's twice as common in boys as in girls.

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